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Tasks To Completely Maintain Your Brake System

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  • BRAKE BASICS: COMPONENTS OF BRAKING SYSTEMBrake pads, rotors, shoes, calipers and hardware. Understand your braking system basics.
  • HOW TO REPLACE YOUR BRAKE PADSKnowing how to change brake pads can improve safety and prevent costly damage.
  • How do brakes work?Expand FAQ itemBrakes work by using friction to turn kinetic energy into heat. There are two designs: drum brakes , and disc brakes . Both use hydraulic pressure to move a piston outward. In disc brakes, the piston is located inside a caliper that houses brake pads and fits over the rotor. The friction lining on the pads makes contact with the rotor to slow the vehicle. In drum brakes, the piston moves two curved shoes lined with friction material against the inside of the brake drum.
  • Should I replace brake pads and rotors at the same time?Expand FAQ itemReplacing brake pads and rotors at the same time is recommended. If your rotors are not smooth, then putting new brake pads on the existing rotors will prematurely wear the new brake pads. You’ll get the best performance by replacing pads and rotors at the same time.
  • What is the average lifetime of brake rotors?Expand FAQ itemThe average lifetime of brake rotors can vary. In normal driving conditions, pads and rotors can last 50-60,000 miles. In extreme usage, such as towing, hauling heavy loads or driving in mountains, the service interval might drop to 30-40,000 miles.

Materials Accepted By Advance Auto Parts:

All Information provided about the Advance Auto Parts recycle center is provided as is. We cannot guarantee that all information is up to date or 100% accurate. We try hard to keep updated, including information about Advance Auto Parts recycling center.If you notice inaccurate information about Advance Auto Parts, please contact us by filling up the Recycling Centers Information Update Form.

Pick Up & Drop Off For Pre

For customers that have pre-packaged, pre-labeled shipments, our UPS Access Point® location in ROME is a simple stop in any neighborhood. Our location is open on weekends and evenings to offer customers flexibility and convenience for their shipping needs. Not only can customers pick up and drop off pre-packaged, pre-labeled shipments, but our location also allows customers to pick up shipments that have been shipped directly or redirected to a UPS Access Point®.

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Pickups And Dropoffs Made Easy With Ups Access Point In Rome

Getting packages delivered at home can be a hassle for those with busy schedules. Not everyone can take time off work or ask a neighbor to keep an eye out for a package. UPS Access Point® helps to make life easier for customers who cant have their packages left at the door for one reason or another. Take control of your package deliveries with UPS Access Point® in ROME, Georgia. Our safe and secure location can accept packages for people who arent able to receive them throughout the day. We offer customers the ability to drop off and pick up packages with ease at our UPS Access Point® location found inside of Advance Auto Parts. Customers can head over and pick up their deliveries whenever its convenient for them. Our dedicated team will even alert you when your package is ready for pickup – all you need to do is bring your ID that matches the delivery information, and youll be good to go.

Battery Recycling Locations In Rome Georgia

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Every year, an estimated 1.8 million used batteries are not responsibly recycled. When a lead-acid battery is not properly recycled, lead, acid and mercury can be deposited into lakes, streams and landfills. Do your part to help eliminate safety hazards in your community by recycling your used vehicle battery today!

Rome Georgia US has battery recycling locations nearby where you can recycle almost all vehicle batteries. All you have to do is drop off the battery and theyll do the rest. In fact, most retailers will give you a credit for your used battery even if you do not purchase a new battery.

To learn more about what batteries can be recycled, visit

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More Types Of Automobile Parts & Supplies In Rome

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Advance Auto Parts at 940 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd SE in Rome is one of the nations leading auto parts retailers stocking new and remanufactured automotive parts, maintenance items, and accessories such as batteries and oil filters for all makes and models. Visit your local store in Rome, call us or go online to order and pickup in-store. Carquest is part of Advance Auto Parts, Inc., the largest automotive aftermarket parts supplier in the U.S. Save even more on your next visit by signing up for Speed Perks and receive discounts on the parts you need at participating stores.

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