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Apartment For Rent In Rome Italy

Furnished Apartments And Rooms For Rent In Rome

What Apartments Look Like Around The World Rome, Italy

Rome is the capital of Italy and one of the most visited cities in the world. The former center of the Roman Empire it is steeped in history and legend, as well as being one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Also known as the Eternal City, Rome is a diverse place, with plenty of neighbourhoods to choose from. In Rome apartments for rent are in high demand, but whether you want to be close to Vatican City, the Colosseum or in the heart of Roma Capitale, Nestpick has a huge range to choose from and booking one is as simple as a few clicks. Whether you are interested in rooms for rent, or are looking to rent a flat in Rome, Nestpick has the perfect new home for you.

Furnished apartments in Rome offer something a little different than regular apartments, as they are usually modern, with extra facilities like room cleaning, laundry and a gym and or pool. As they are a fairly recent development in the accommodation industry, the majority of them will be higher in cost than regular apartments. This is great for people who value their security, as many have 24hr reception desks and underground parking.

Other accommodation types in Rome

Studio Apartments in Rome

Ideas For Sightseeing And Experiencing The Glory Of Rome

Weve all seen La Dolce Vita and understand the pure romance that is life in Rome. The Eternal City is named as such because it was thought that Rome would never disappear over thousands of years and new, conquering empires. Interestingly enough, Rome was not subject to much destruction during the world wars, and this is what has allowed it to carry over so much of the charm and allure of its reputation into more modern times. Famous sights that are must-sees in Rome include the Colosseum, the Vatican Museums, St. Peters Basilica, the Pantheon, the Quirinal Palace, the Forum Romanum, and the Trevi Fountain. If you want to get a great deal on visiting the Colosseum and other of the famous sights, get a Roma Pass. This deal costs â¬34 and entitles you to free entry into two historical sites of your choice, as well as discounted entry to lots of others. Start walking in any cardinal direction and youre bound to scrape your nose against some cultural sight or stunning architecture that is probably older than your own country by hundreds, even thousands of years. However, of all the regular sights, the Colosseum is regarded by many as the most famous and impressive. Despite sitting in the middle of a busy traffic roundabout and being surrounded by fancy new shops and apartments, take one step into the Colosseum and you can practically hear the ancient Roman crowds cheering on the gladiators fighting for their lives below.

How To Get Around Rome

Fiumicino Airport is Romeâs main airport and lies 19 miles to the west outside of the city. The best way to get to your rental or the city center or your rental is to get the airport train. This reaches the centre in 30 minutes. Rome has an easily understandable transport system and the easiest means of getting around is probably the extensive and well maintained tram, as the metro doesn´t really go to any of the historical sights.

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In The Heart Of Italy: Historical Villas And Modern Homes For Sale In Rome

When you think of Rome and your future life there, do you imagine lush, chic Baroque architecture, Renaissance chateaux, beautiful churches, palaces and castles, glamorous boutique hotels overlooking numerous stunning piazzas, and the best restaurants in Italy? Then you should definitely look for luxury houses and homes for sale in Rome’s Centro Storico.As you search for top luxury real estates for sale in Italy, take a closer look at Romes most central and high-end neighborhood: Prati. This residential area for upper-class Romans, combines elegant Art Nouveau and Umbertino architectural styles to create a chic and Bohemian atmosphere. Perhaps most importantly, you will rarely meet noisy tourists searching for historic attractions – or for cheaper real estate for rent and vacation homes in Rome.In your quest for the best mansions, houses, and villas for sale in Rome, the stunning capital of Italy, we also highly recommend taking a closer look at the elegant district of Olgiata or Ludovisi, which was immortalized in Fellini’s film La Dolce Vita as the epitome of luxury living. For the best panoramas though, it is worthwhile to consider Gianicolo or Janiculum Hill.

For Travel Agents And Housing Companies

Pin on Italy Luxury Travel

We have set up INAPS, a Travel Agent interface that grants professional travel agents and housing companies access to our real-time booking engine. INAPS enables you to service your clients directly via your own private and dedicated interface. We have summed up the advantages:

  • Pre-selection accommodation tools
  • Ability to customise your proposals with your own corporate identity
  • Lower costs structure

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Best Airbnbs & Apartment Rentals In Rome Italy

Posted on Last updated: June 19, 2022

Are you looking for the best Airbnbs and holiday apartment rentals in Rome? You just found them!

The Eternal City attracts thousands of travellers each day, so its only normal that it boasts a huge supply of airbnbs, serviced apartments and vacation homes.

I know that can make choosing the right Rome airbnb for you daunting. However, no need to worry, as Ive done the heavy research for you.

Im originally from Milan, but spent a few months living in Rome, changing airbnbs every time. I know my fair deal about choosing where to stay in Rome, especially when it comes to apartments.

In this article I have listed some of the best airbnbs and apartments in Rome for every budget. I included apartments that are unique and interesting in some way.

Apartments that arent just a place to sleep at the end of the day, but an experience in and of themselves. I hope you will find it useful in finding the perfect Rome airbnb for your trip!


  • Unique historical stay

As far as luxurious holiday apartments in Rome go, this one is certainly a showstopper.

It may not be to everyones tastes, but if you want a chance to live in a space that feels like it may have been inhabited the same way since the Renaissance, then this is the place for you.

Enormous oil paintings hang over stone fireplaces plush antique sofas sit on polished parquet floors and there are even secret doorways and passageways to discover.

Highlights of staying at Giallo Colosseo:

Finding Apartments For Rent In Rome

Lets face it, Rome is one of the most visited cities in the world and a real authentic gem of Italy. Apartment hunting can be a quite complex task, but Romes rent prices should not be considered expensive. Theyre not cheap, theyre affordable, especially if youre moving from hotter rental markets.Finding a room or a flat in Rome can be way easier if you apply online and interact with your landlords through the rental platform. You wont need to see each other every time youve got a question and Rentberry also allows you to negotiate the final rent price.Saving on rent is easier when youve got a price negotiation tool in your pocket. Just offer the rent price and security deposit and apply online via Rentberry today. Whenever youre both ready to seal the deal, you can forget about the time-consuming paperwork and sign the legally binding lease agreement online.Dont forget to check the amenities youre looking for flats with wooden floors and a great balcony in Rome are in two clicks away. Coming to Rome to study? Check out the student housing in Rome.

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Apartments Near The Pantheon

This mesmerising temple, dedicated to the pagan gods of the ancient Rome, is one of the best preserved and most important Roman sites in the Eternal City. The Pantheon was completed by Hadrian around 126 AD and is simply enormous in its scale: its dome was the largest in the world for 1300 years and even to this day remains the worlds largest unsupported dome! Due to its central location and proximity to other stunning Roman landmarks, demand for accommodation here is high. For apartments near the Pantheon, youll probably have to pay well in excess of 2000 for a 2-bed.

Find An Accommodation In The Most Central Areas Of Rome The Centro Storico Romes Historic Center

Italian Apartment Tour | Airbnb Tour, Rome, Italy

Getting around in Rome can sometimes be a challenge. Opting for a city center apartment will save you a lot of time. With so many beautiful things to see, you will enjoy that extra time to stay just a little longer by the Trevi Fountain or up the Spanish Steps!

To make the most of your Roman holiday, take a look and choose from one of these delightful areas of the Eternal City. They are all charming in their own special way.

You cannot go wrong as these are the most beautiful and sought-for areas of Rome, mostly at walking distance from the greatest attractions of the Eternal city.

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Discover Rome The Historical City

A thousand lifetimes would not be enough to truly know Rome, but booking an apartment in Rome is a good place to start. You can visit the eternal city as many times as you wish and always find something new-another baroque church, Roman temple or marble fountain that you have never seen before. But you only need to see Rome once during a burning sunset on the Roman Forum from Campidoglio Hill to understand why British poet ,John Keats, came here to live and work. Vacation rentals are available in the heart of baroque Rome, near the Colosseum, and Roman Forum. You will have no trouble to find a suitable accommodation for your holiday in Rome. If you are looking for a low-budget holiday , book cheap rentals such a cheap apartment, remember that there are also many rooms for rent in Rome as well as a number of cosy guesthouses where you can stay in the eternal city, without paying a huge bill.Browse all listings for apartments for rent in Rome from the best vacation rental websites such as TripAdvisor, Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO, WIMDU, Roomorama, TravelMob, 9flats and more.

What Are The Advantages Of Renting A Furnished Flat In Rome

Renting a furnished flat in Rome has many advantages. Here are the most important ones:

You don’t have to buy furniture. You will be able to save money on buying and transporting furniture, which can be very expensive and time-consuming. Instead, you can focus your attention on finding a great flat that suits your needs and style.

You don’t have to worry about moving furniture. When renting a furnished flat in Rome, everything is already there so there’s no need to worry about packing up individual items or shipping them over at all! This makes it much easier for everyone involved and more cost-effective too.

You can get a better quality flat with more space and amenities than what would normally be available if not renting one of these types of properties – especially since these kinds of places tend not only offer better quality but also tend offer more amenities such as air conditioning which may not always be available when considering other options such as buying instead – since this is something that could potentially save money later on down the line when making decisions like this.

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Short Stay Rome Apartments

Planning a trip to Rome? Short Stay Rome Apartments offers quality self catering apartments in Rome that allow you to stay right in the heart of this beautiful city. Surrounded by all the cultural wonders Rome has to offer, these Rome apartments allow you to live like a local while you take in the captivating sights.

A short stay Rome apartment is the perfect choice for a comfortable and affordable stay. All our apartments in Rome have been carefully selected and are under the supervision of a local management company. This ensures that the apartment will be ready for you and in excellent condition upon your arrival.

Feel free to contact our friendly short stay support team. They are available 24/7 and are happy to help you find the apartment that best meets your needs. You can also search our Rome short stay apartment rentals yourself and book your apartment online.

Most popular Rome Apartments

Price per night from 95

Price per night from 384

Price per night from 150

Price per night from 85

Did You Know About Rome

Find the best private houses and rent them @romeaccommodation on ...
  • Modern Rome sees nearly 10 million tourists per year, with the two main attractions being the Colosseum and the Vatican.
  • The Trevi Fountain in Romes Trevi region gets up to 3,000 Euros worth of coins being tossed into it daily these coins are then collected by the city to help fund supermarkets for the citys needy population.
  • The symbol of Rome is of a female wolf giving milk to its two mythical founders, Romulus and Remus.
  • While the ancient Romans were a very hygienic peoples, they didnt have modern amenities such as hand soap, so the go-to method for cleaning was to cover the body in special oils and use a special tool called a strigil to scrape the oil off their skin.
  • When the ancient Romans used to drink wine, it was really so they could drink water! Water cleanliness was a big problem back then and the best way to kill bacteria in your drinking water was to mix some wine into it!
  • Rome has over 3 million inhabitants and is sister city to over 30 other places in the world, including New York, Sydney, Mumbai, London, and Seoul.

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Find An Accommodation In The Most Central Areas Of Rome The Centro Storico Rome’s Historic Center

Getting around in Rome can sometimes be a challenge. Opting for a city center apartment will save you a lot of time. With so many beautiful things to see, you will enjoy that extra time to stay just a little longer by the Trevi Fountain or up the Spanish Steps!

To make the most of your Roman holiday, take a look and choose from one of these delightful areas of the Eternal City. They are all charming in their own special way.

You cannot go wrong as these are the most beautiful and sought-for areas of Rome, mostly at walking distance from the greatest attractions of the Eternal city.

About Rome Short Term Stay On Rent By Owner

Discover more than 322 short term vacation rentals in Rome. We have a huge number of short-term holiday rentals in or near Rome. Whether you are traveling as a whole family, in groups, with friends, or solo, there are rentals that would suit your plans and budget. Short-term rental homes are perfect for those seeking to stay in Rome for a short term or on a temporary basis. RBO short-term stays give you the luxury of enjoying all the benefits attached to having a home. A serene environment, spacious rooms, private pools, indoor/outdoor heated swimming pools, hot tubs, self-catering, spa, and gyms are examples of such benefits. Rent By Owner has plenty of vacation rentals that are available on a weekly or monthly basis in Rome. A furnished short-term rental in Rome comes with great amenities that would make you an unforgettable experience.

These short-term home rentals that are available in Rome come in different sizes and vary according to your needs. Whatever your style or budget is, Rent By Owner has got you covered all you have to do is use our search and filter tool to find the right rental in a matter of minutes.

Rent By Owner makes it easy to compare, discover and book short-term accommodations, including pet-friendly places to stay, in Rome that is within your budget. RBO helps you save time, and gives you hassle-free booking for your favorite short stay home.

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Budget Airbnbs And Apartments In Rome

Key selling points of this budget Rome airbnb:

  • Air-conditioning
  • Elevator access
  • Central location close to all the main sights in Rome
  • Eye-catching and stylish decor

Travelling on a budget doesnt mean that you have to forgo style and thats exactly what this chic apartment in Rome shows.

The lounge area of La Giungla airbnb in Rome, Italy

It isnt huge , but it still sleeps up to three people and comes with its own modern bathroom. The large windows let plenty of light in, too.

Youll find it in the neighbourhood of Monti, with plenty of locally run trattorias, wine bars and restaurants on the doorstep.

Monti is one of the best areas to stay in Rome, especially if you only have two days in Rome or less, as its close to all the main attractions of the Eternal City.

From Monti you can easily walk to the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and Roman Forum.

  • Outdoors seating perfect if youre visiting Rome in summer!
  • Located in a lively student area of Rome

This is a modern apartment situated super close to Sapienza University. I spent a month living here when I was living in Rome, and loved my time there.

The lounge and kitchen area of The Network in Rome, Italy photo by Plum Guide

The location itself means that some of Romes most iconic attractions are a quick trip on the metro, and the surrounding neighbourhood is bustling with student life and a whole host of eateries to sample.

  • Unique and stylish decor

Things to know about this Rome accommodation option:

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