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The Shade Store Roman Shades

About The Shade Store

How to Make a Roman Shade

Born and bred in Port Chester, NY, The Shade Store is a family-owned window treatment company that focuses on offering an assortment of window treatment, custom products, interior design, and home décor items. The Shade Store believes that designing custom window treatments should be an easy experience.

Studio McGee Bedroom Transformation

Types And Styles Of Soundproof Blinds

There are two types of blinds a person can use for window soundproofing. Blackout blinds and Honeycomb blinds. As soundproofing products, they work on different principles. Blackout blinds provide a thick, heavy mass to block sound. Honeycomb blinds, because of their cellular design, trap air, which deadens noise. Sound energy travels by causing air molecules to vibrate. Dead air does not vibrate as much, so sound energy will be slowed, reducing noise.

Note: I use soundproofing fairly loosely because wherever there is a window, there will be some noise because glass is not the best soundproofing material. It is almost impossible to totally soundproof a window. On the other hand, a solid wall is not very good at letting in light or air.

  • Blackout Blinds. Sometimes called insulating blinds. These are usually made of at least 2 layers of material. Some of them are quite thick and heavy which adds mass to the product helping to block noise. Almost any thermal insulating blind will also be good at increasing peace and quiet in your home. They are often sold as roller blinds. The thicker and heavierthe better.
  • Honeycomb Blinds. Sometimes called cellular shades or blinds. There are 2 types of Honeycomb blindssingle cell shades which contain one layer of material, and double cell shades which have a second layer of honeycomb material. As you might suspect, the double cell material is much better at soundproofing because it provides more dead air.

A New Collection With The Novogratz

The Shade Store, the leading brand for premium custom window treatments, expands its collection with Robert and Cortney Novogratz with The Novogratz at Waverly Place Collection. Featuring six new patterns, the new assortment was inspired by the couples historical Waverly Place home with a boldly modern and whimsical design.

A celebration of old New York style with a flare of The Novogratz, the husband-and-wife duo drew inspiration from their renovation of a 200 year-old home in Greenwich Village, taking a cue from the colors, patterns and touch of Parisian flair that they discovered within the layers of the homes design. Artful and textural patterns, like a modern rendition of a palm frond, play with the juxtaposition of the geometric designs of the marbleized zebra and vintage cranes and combine with a touch of pop-culture in the boldly printed lips. The collection is classic meets contemporary, bringing a light-hearted and upscale touch to any window in the home.

The latest additions to The Novogratz collection at The Shade Store include the following styles:

Daisy Bloom

A vintage-inspired interpretation of a daisy pattern, this lightweight cotton-linen blend features eye-catching blooms from an original block print. Available in fabric for Drapery, Roman Shades and Cornices.

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Make Sure You Know Your Measurements

Last but most certainly not least, make sure you know your measurements! Not every window is created equal, and theres nothing more distracting to the eye than window treatments that dont fit perfectly.

We use custom treatments in all of our projects, and it makes an impactful difference. We love working with The Shade Store because they help with every step of the process, making it so easy to do custom window treatments with clients both nearby and long-distance.

Start With Considering Functionality

Aventura Roman Shades

Before you choose colors, textures, or styles, its best to start with considering the functionality. We often get asked if you need to select the same window coverings throughout your home, and the answer is no!

Each room has different functions, and therefore, different needs when it comes to privacy, light, and aesthetics. When we work with clients to choose window treatments, we always start by considering their needs in each room individually.

Tailored Pleat Drapery in material Luxe Linen and color Oyster, over our Waterfall Woven Shade in material Seaview, and color Dune.

In The McGee Home, we have different window treatment functions in nearly every room! When choosing the treatments for our bedrooms, we started by selecting motorized shades with a blackout liner for maximum functionality and privacy. When we want to pull them down or roll them up, all we have to do is press a button.

In Syds office, our garage, and a few other spaces where we still wanted privacy but didnt need the maximum amount, we chose Waterfall Woven Shades with a privacy lining instead of a blackout lining. In our dining room, we skipped the shades altogether and used Tailored Pleat Drapery instead to make sure we got as much natural light as possible.

Waterfall Woven Shade in material Seaview, and color Dune.

Designer tip: In a new build, its best to choose window treatments right away so that you can be sure to wire for certain functions before its too late!

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How We Selected Soundproof Blinds

I looked at many of the blind choices available and listed some of the best. I tried to include different types of blindssuch as roll up, honeycomb, and Romanbecause people have different types of decor and different tastes. I am not providing much of a service listing 10 honeycomb blinds if the reader prefers roll up blinds or Roman blinds. Here are some of the criteria I considered.

  • Sound reduction effectiveness. If I believed it would reduce noise, or if the manufacturer claimed to reduce noise, I considered it.
  • Versatility. Being able to mount the blinds either inside or outside the frame.
  • Cost. The cost had to be reasonable.
  • Style. I make no claims that I am a design genius. So if I decided it was ugly, I discounted it.
  • Warranty. I tried to factor warranties into the list, but only one of the companies has a 100% satisfaction lifetime guarantee. The rest come in at a year or are too shy to mention it. So I did not consider warranty very much.
  • Redi Shade Trim at Home Light Filtering Blind because of the 100% satisfaction guaranteed lifetime warranty.
  • Keego Blackout Window Blinds Top Down Bottom Up because if their claim of 30 decibel noise reduction is true , they are the best noise reduction blinds available.
  • Here are a couple of questions that usually come up when soundproof blinds are mentioned.

    Risk Of Strangulation Prompts Recall To Repair Roman Shades By The Shade Store

    The following product safety recall was voluntarily conducted by the firm in cooperation with the CPSC. Consumers should stop using the product immediately unless otherwise instructed. It is illegal to resell or attempt to resell a recalled consumer product.

    Name of Product: Roman shades

    Units: About 45,000 Roman shades

    Manufacturer: The Shade Store, of Port Chester, N.Y.

    Hazard: Strangulations can occur when a child places his/her neck between the exposed inner cord and the fabric on the backside of the blind or when a child pulls the cord out and wraps it around his/her neck.

    Incidents/Injuries: None reported.

    Description: This recall involves custom-made Roman shades. The shades were made out of fabric and of woven wood. The shades do not have any permanent markings.

    Sold at: Five showroom locations and online at from February 2006 through March 2011 for between $120 and $355 per shade.

    Manufactured in: USA

    Remedy: Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled shades and call the Window Covering Safety Council for a free repair kit toll-free at 506-4636 anytime or visit The Shade Store is contacting all known customers.

    Consumer Contact: For more information, contact The Shade Store toll-free at 754-1455 or by e-mail at


    Federal law prohibits any person from selling products subject to a Commission ordered recall or a voluntary recall undertaken in consultation with the CPSC.

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    Were Working With The Shade Store On A New Project That Will Be Debuting Soon As A Webisode

    The home is a complete transformation! Typically when people move into a new space, one of the costs people forget to factor in are window treatments. But they make a huge difference and instantly impact a space!

    The Shade Store makes buying new custom window treatments so simple. You pick out swatches of what you want to see and they send them to you for free within 2-3 business days. Then you measure , buy what you need, and install it! Weve used them before in one of our favorite projects, the Midway House!

    Here is a sneak peek of our upcoming webisode! All the window treatments are from The Shade Store. Even in an empty home, you can see how much warm the roman shades add to the space!

    Weve picked a few of our favorite roller shades, wovens, and romans!

    Products And Services Of The Shade Store

    How to Install Inside Mount Fabric Roman Shades

    The Shade Store offers roman shades, roller + solar shades, woven wood + bamboo shades, wood blinds, and drapery amongst others. You can place an order for their products via their website, phone call or in any of their 85+ showrooms countrywide. The Shade Store offers design services including free swatches, window measurements, photo rendering services, as well as countrywide installation services.

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    Installation Options Of Soundproof Blinds

    Blinds can be installed either inside the window frame or outside the frame on the wall. Either will work if done properly. Because of the style of hardware, some manufacturers supply with their blinds, you will have the option of installing either inside or outside the frame. Without having to buy different mounting hardware.

    Note: Before installing your new blinds , make sure that you have sealed all the gaps around the window frame by removing the casing, insulating and/or caulking, and replacing the casing. Use paintable caulking to seal casing to the wall and window frame. A couple of small holes will let in a lot of noisenot to mention cold air, bugs, and small rodents.

    Inside the Frame Installation

    This type of installation is not particularly difficult. But it usually requires a little more precision. As noted above, measuring has to be a little more accurate, and most blinds require at least 1 1/2 of clear jamb depth to fit properly. Less than 1 1/2 will leave the blind sticking out proud of the wall. You will find that quite a few suppliers provide detailed measuring instructions.

    Inside the frame installation will invariably have a gap of up to 1 on the sides because of the design of the blindsespecially roller blinds. These gaps not only let in light but noise as well. Greywind Light Blockers are made specifically to solve these problems. They can be attached with either the enclosed magnetic strips or double sided tape. Custom made to your measurements.

    Window Coverings From The Shade Store

    Claire Zinnecker

    One thing I knew for sure with Ida was that I was determined to keep the original windows. The downside? Single paned glass is not energy efficient and large windows means little privacy.

    I decided to work with The Shade Store because they provide everything from curtains to romans to hardware and also have a wealth of knowledge about how to dress windows. And I was right, from beginning to end my process with The Shade Store was easy and comfortable. The communication was prompt, the help was genuine and the materials are well made. They made my selection process so easy!

    The window treatments from the shade store have had a dramatic impact on the house- accenting the windows, dappling the light and making it feel cozy yet sophisticated.

    Each time I walk into a room at Ida I once again fall in love with them. Adam and I feel like we live in a hotel instead of a construction site! Real reality, I was hesitant to go with so much fabric because I love the large windows and decorative trim Ida has throughout. I never thought that adding soft drapes and cozy roman shades would only enhance these architectural details.

    For the primary bedroom I used a thicker roman shade for privacy and layered a beautiful ripple fold drape to make the room feel soft & sophisticated.

    For the Primary Bathroom I also used a flat roman shade but added a custom lining for extra privacy

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    Before + After Photos: The Shade Store Review

    The house is finally coming together and the finishing touch was adding shades and drapes! I chose The Shade Store because they have two showrooms here in Austin and I wanted to be able to see, touch, and feel the different fabrics.

    Heres my experience with using The Shade Store for my window coverings in my home.

    Handcrafted In The Usa

    Relaxed Roman Shades &  Blinds
    • MATERIALS: An exclusive collection of 550+ materials
    • MIN SIZE: 10 x 20
    • MAX SIZE: 144 x 144
    • SHIPS FREE IN: 10 business days or less
    • CUSTOMIZABLE: to the 1/8″
    • Functional, but will require some styling – not for everyday use
    • Gentle fabric swoops at bottom of shade
    • Shades > 50 may have multiple swoops & visible seams
    • Hung and tested prior to leaving our workroom
    • Meets the strictest child safety guidelines

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    The Best Soundproof Blinds Of 2022

    Windows equal noisealmost invariably. Glass does not have near the soundproofing ability of insulated walls. But you want, and need light and ventilation. Blinds, curtains, even moving blankets will cut down the noise of traffic, noisy neighbors, and the world, in general, that is reducing your quality of sleep and/or life. Following are 10 of the best soundproofing blinds available.

    Top 6 Best Soundproof Blinds Why It’s Best
    Thick, heavy 3-layer blind. Multiple sizes available. Made to order if necessary. Waterproof.
    Polyester fabric with aluminum foil woven in for light blocking and noise reduction. Cordless. Can be ordered custom made.
    Cordless honeycomb blinds offer top down bottom up operation. 32 colors available. Made to order sizing. Claim 30 decibel sound reduction.
    Heavy polyester material c/w lining to reduce noise. All blinds custom made. Corded, cordless, and motorized c/w remote options.
    100% polyester blackout and noise reduction blind. Made to measure sizing. Very smooth roll up operation.
    Heavy faux wood slats provide noise reduction mass. Over 400 standard sizes. Cordless.

    Note: It might be instructive to buy an inexpensive and check out the your sound levels. You already know that the sound of a siren is loud. The meter will tell you how loud when compared to the following chart.

    Here are a few things to keep in mind when considering, and/or shopping for, soundproof blinds.

    Dont Forget The Hardware

    Often, window treatment hardware gets overlooked, but the rods make a big difference, too!

    When deciding on finishes and styles of hardware, we like to choose simple tones and styles to create a seamless, classic look. Although we dont always use the same rods in every room, we do make sure they work together and compliment the other finishes in the space.

    Tailored Pleat Drapery in material Luxe Linen and color Oyster

    In The McGee home, we chose a Wrought Iron Rod in Black for both our dining room and Syds office, and in our master bedroom and bathroom, we used Steel Rods in Oil Rubbed Bronze and GunMetal for added interest.

    The Shade Store has some of the best window treatment hardware options around, making it a great one-stop-shop.

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    The Right Window Treatments Can Make All The Difference In The Design Of A Space

    but we know first hand that choosing them isnt easy! With so many options and things to consider, doing it all on your own can feel overwhelming.

    After years of selecting window treatments for clients and recently choosing them for our own home, weve learned a lot about how to make the process smoother.

    Today, were partnering with our friends at The Shade Store to share some of our favorite tried-and-true tips for choosing window treatments, and give you an inside look into the process of deciding on our own in The McGee Home!

    Product note: The material used for the Waterfall Woven Wood Shades has since been discontinued, the most similar style is Monterey or Beacon.

    Tailored Pleat Drapery in material Luxe Linen and color Oyster

    We used window treatments from The Shade Store throughout our entire home and we absolutely love them. They are hand-crafted in the US and the best quality. Plus, they do everything custom, which makes the world of difference.

    Here are some of our top recommendations:

    Measuring And Installing Roman Blinds

    How to Install Inside Mount Roman Shades

    Our Roman shades are all customized and built to your specifications and can be installed by anyone going down the DIY route. However, you are not alone! Our guides on How to Measure and How to Install for Roman shades are full of the information you need to tackle the project yourself and be confident in your choices. In addition, we have in-house design consultants available to discuss your project and any questions you may have. They are only a phone call away at .

    Not sure if you want to do it yourself? See if our Professional Measure and Install services are available in your area!

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    My Custom Window Treatments Order

    The Shade Store just launched a new designer collection with and I wanted to add shades that had texture. The Tangier Weave was inspired by the artisans of Tangier, this woven fabric is a fresh take on the basketweave design, blending culture and period with its timeless textural nature.

    You can choose from 6 different materials in 20+ colors that are available for roman shades, drapery and cornices.

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