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Trains From Rome To Florence

Location Of The Train Stations


Roma Termini is located downtown, near the Roman National Museum, Baths of Diocletian, and the Papal Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore. The University is due east, with several small specialty museums inside, including ones devoted to medicine, math, chemistry, and more. It is walking distance to the Colosseum, Forum, Pantheon, and Trevi Fountain.

Santa Maria Novella is in the heart of Florence, walking distance to all of Florences major attractions, including the Duomo, Uffizi Gallery, and the Accademia, though it is especially close to San Lorenzo Church, San Lorenzo Market, the Medici Chapels, and the Oficina Profumo. Several budget hotels surround the station with some of the citys best restaurants and bars within five to ten minutes walk.

How Long And How Much

Since getting to Florence from Rome by train is the best and fastest way, it is also the most expensive one. As mentioned above, price for the one-way ticket for express train starts from 19 euro and duration is 1.5 hours to reach the destination. Moreover, do not forget to plan your journey to the station in Rome from which you will have a train to Florence. Usually, trains depart from Roma Termini and it is the central station of Rome. If you live nearby any Roman train station, you will easily reach Roma Termini. Also, there are many buses that will get you to this station, but I recommend using trains or metro, for not to be late.

Faqs For Booking Trains From Rome To Florence

How much does a train ticket from Rome to Florence cost?

You can purchase a ticket from Rome to Florence within the week and expect to pay $11 or more one-way. This month, the average cost of a train ticket from Rome to Florence is $36 one-way.

How long is the train ride from Rome to Florence?

The fastest journey time from Rome to Florence is 1h 17m. Your arrival can differ by about 0h 26m. This largely depends on whether your train ride includes stops or a direct route from Rome to Florence. Consider AccesRail for the quickest available option to your destination.

When should I purchase the train tickets from Rome to Florence?

The cost of a train from Rome to Florence is about $36 one-way this week. Our data shows that prices are fairly stable throughout the next 3 months. You can book now to make sure your seat is secured.

Which train companies operate between Rome to Florence?

Italotreno and Trenitalia are viable options. Check times and availability for Italotreno, as it was recently the cheapest train available traveling from Rome to Florence from $30 round-trip.

Is a train the fastest way to get from Rome to Florence?

The quickest way is to book a flight from Rome to Florence, which can be as quick as 0h 55m onboard ITA Airways. You can also get a train from Rome to Florence, or a bus from Rome to Florence which can take you longer to arrive at your destination.

Is a train the cheapest way to get from Rome to Florence?

How far is Rome to Florence Peretola by train?

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Before You Buy Your Tickets

Take a moment to read these tips for buying European train tickets. They answer all the usual questions, such as “Do I need to book in advance or can I just buy at the station?”, “Can I stop off?”, “Are there Senior fares?” and that old favourite, “Should I buy an $800 railpass or just buy a 35 point-to-point ticket online?”. .

Trenitalia Tickets For Children And Groups

train tickets from rome to florence
  • Children under 4 years old travel for free if they don’t have a seat assigned to them or with a 50% reduction on the Base fare if they do have a seat. Children aged 4 to 15 travel with a 50% discount on the Base fare.
  • The Bimbi Gratis offer is for family groups of 2 to 5 people . It allows children to travel for free provided the other members of the group have Base tickets.
  • Groups of 2 to 5 people are entitled to a 30% discount on the single Base ticket to travel on any train, except for Regional trains and Frecciarossa Executive.

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What To Do In Florence

Florence can easily be a day trip from Rome, although of course I’d recommend more time there.

The cities are so close that you can easily leave Rome after breakfast and still have a full day in Florence.

Whether you are visiting Florence as a day trip or longer, you should book some things in advance, especially the Accademia , the Uffizi Gallery, and the Duomo .

One of my favorite Florence bloggers is Georgette Jupe, otherwise known as Girl in Florence, a “Tuscan Texan”, who really has her finger on the pulse of life in Florence. She has a great page you can start with, all about Useful Information About Florence.

Traveling By Regional Train

Taking a regional train from Rome to Florence means more travel time than by high-speed train. It also means you don’t have to reserve a seat and you can stop along the way in charming Italian cities like Orvieto and Arezzo.If you’re looking to get inspired, check out our blog entry on traveling between Rome and Florence.If you have a Eurail Pass, you don’t need to buy a ticket. You can travel on this train for free and get on and off whenever you like.

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Rome To Florence By Train: Plan Your Trip

Thanks to a more competitive high-speed rail service, you can now race 144 miles from Rome to Florence in an hour and a half, which makes travelling by train the easiest and most affordable way to get between the two superstar cities. The route is now served by two high-speed rail operators, Italo and Trenitalia, as well as a handful of slower regional trains. If youre considering travelling between the two cities, weve analysed the best train options below.

A high-speed direct train speeds through the Tuscan countryside

Most trains depart from Rome Termini station, the citys main station but a handful of high-speed and regional trains depart from Rome Tiburtina station, which is located further east. All trains terminate at Florences Santa Maria Novella station. If speed is a requirement, you have two options: privately-owned Italo and state-owned Trenitalia. The route between the two cities is notably scenic too, so if its sparkling views youre after then you may want to opt for the slower regional trains rather than high-tailing it on the Alta Velocita.

Smart Class aboard a high-speed Italo train

The interior of a 2nd class carriage on a Frecciargento train

Train Schedule

The route between Rome and Florence is extremely well served, with an average of 76 direct services per day. Trenitalia operates the most frequent service, with four or five trains every hour.

Rates and book tickets

Where to stay in Florence on a budget

A generous breakfast buffet at Ostello Bello

Should You Purchase Your Tickets In Advance

Using the Trains in Italy From Rome to Florence to Venice (TRENITALIA)

You can usually buy your train tickets on the day of travel, right at the handy kiosks inside Termini or Tiburtina station This can be nice if you are not sure what day or what time you want to go.

However, in very high season, you may find limited seat availability on the train you want.

And, if you book in advance, you may find discounted and even super-discounted fares.


If you decide to take a regional or Intercity train from Rome to Florence, then you don’t need to purchase your tickets in advance.

You can purchase these at the newspaper kiosks around Rome or inside the train station.

These are generic tickets, without seat assignments

When you take a regional or Intercity train, you need to validate your tickets in the yellow or green box, which you will find at the head of each track.

You do NOT need to validate any tickets for the high-speed trains, as you have a specific seat number, and the ticket is ONLY good for the date and time indicated on the ticket.

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What Is The Cheapest Way To Get From Rome To Florence

Travelers on a budget can use the bus for travel to Florence for dirt cheap prices on FlixBus, sometimes for as low as $10. It takes about two to three hours longer than the train, but it’s a viable option when euros are running short, especially for last-minute plans. Trains and buses both go up in price as your travel date gets closer, but if you’re flexible with your departure time, you can often find bus tickets for under $20 even for same-day trips.

Buses leave Rome from Tiburtina station and arrive in Florence at Villa Costanza, which is about 25 minutes outside of the city center and accessible via the local tram, which takes passengers to the main train station. The tram only runs from 5:30 a.m. until midnight, so think twice before booking a late-night bus that arrives in Florence in the early morning or you may be stuck hiring a taxi, totally negating your savings by using the bus.

Train Trips From Rome

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What Is The Fastest Way To Get From Rome To Florence

The easiest way to travel around Italy is, without a doubt, the train, especially when traveling between major cities like Rome and Florence. Trains are comfortable, fast, and affordableespecially when booked with advance noticeand are the transport of choice for locals and visitors alike.

You can reserve a train through Italy’s state-run rail service, Trenitalia, or the privately owned Italo. Both companies are comparable in price and comfort, so look at tickets on both websites before making your purchase. You can also use RailEurope to compare the two companies on one website, although RailEurope charges a small commission when checking out. Less expensive regional trains are also an option, but they take two to four hours and do not have reserved seats.

Trenitalia trains leave from Termini and Tiburtina stations in Rome, while Italo trains depart from Tiburtina and Ostiense stations. If you’re staying in Rome near Termini or Ostiense, choose the respective company that serves that station in order to avoid crossing the entire city with all of your luggage.

All trains arrive in Florence Santa Maria Novella Stationsometimes written as “Firenze SMN”the main station of the Tuscan capital. This accessible city is easily traversed on foot, although taxis are allowed to enter the car-free city center if you need to haul luggage to your hotel.

Why Take The Train From Rome To Florence

How to get from Rome to Florence? Train, plane, bus

This page is specifically about taking the train from Rome to Florence, as opposed to driving, flying or taking the bus.


The trains in Italy are well-run and punctual – at least the fast trains are. There is an old joke about Mussolini that at least he made the trains run on time. I am not sure if that part is true, but the high-speed trains run really well today.

Both Rome and Florence have central railway stations, and there are frequent, well-run, comfortable trains between them.

The high-speed trains are incredibly fast, taking only 1.5 hrs to go between Rome and Florence.

Any other method of going between Rome and Florence will take you nearly twice as long.

If you want to know about other ways to get from Rome to Florence, jump to this section.

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How To Get From The Train Station In Florence Into The City Center

The train station in Florence is just at the edge of the city center in Florence.

To get into the city center takes about 10-15 minutes on foot.

Walk straight out of the train station either directly in front of you, or just a little to your left, and cross over the big streets. You will almost immediately find yourself right in town.


To get a free tourist map of Florence, walk straight outside the train station, and cross over the multiple streets in front of you.

On the other side you will see the Official Florence Tourist Board, where you can get a map for free.

Inside the Florence train station, there are plenty of “tourist information points”, but they are for profit, and their maps are not free.

Rome To Florence Train: Where To Take It From

You can take the train to Florence from Romes main stations such as Roma Termini and Roma Tiburtina. Rome has several other large train stations like Trastevere, Ostiense and San Pietro, so if you are staying close to any of them, to take the train to Florence you will need to get to Roma Termini.

Trenitalia usually leaves from Roma Termini, while Italo Treno leaves from both Termini and Tiburtina stations. Termini is a very big station and to access the platform you need to show your ticket and ID. Get there early enough to see whats your platform from the big screen of the departures and then in case there is a line at your entrance.

If you are just landing and want to head directly to Florence, there are two high-speed trains per day that go that route.

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Comforts On Board Trenitalia

As mentioned earlier, we traveled in 2nd class and if you know me, then you would know that 2nd class is decent. I am not a luxury traveler but clean and basic comforts are my main concerns. To show you what I mean, here are some visual proof.

Each seating area has an outlet with small table which makes it convenient if you need to plug in your laptop or device to work. But they dont have wireless which is available if you are traveling first class.

Ive heard the bathrooms in 1st class are decent but the ones in 2nd class are barely acceptable. No refreshements are served in 2nd class either but there is a cart that goes around where you can buy the usual drinks and snacks.

From Rome To Florence By Plane

ROME TO FLORENCE on TRAIN TRENITALIA | Business Class | American Family Travel Vlog

There’s an average of four flights a week from Rome to Florence, all of them departing from Rome’s Fiumicino Airport and arriving at Florence Airport . The route is only covered by Alitalia Airlines, the flag carrier of Italy low-cost airlines such as RyanAir and JetAir don’t fly this route, which means you won’t be able to find super cheap flights no matter what time of year you’re flying.

While the flight from Rome to Florence is only 55 minutes long, getting to the airport requires a 30-minute ride on the Leonardo Express train. The train departs from the main train station in Rome, Termini, every 30 minutes. When you add to that the time to check-in and get through security, it would actually be faster to take a train between the cities, so keep that in mind when considering options.

If you do choose to fly to Florence, you will need to take a taxi or catch the Volainbus shuttle bus to get to the city once you arrive. Buses depart from the airport every 30 minutes and arrive at the Santa Maria Novella train station 20 minutes later. From here, visitors can grab a taxi or walk to their favorite destinations in Florence.

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Train Trips To Florence

How Long Does It Take To Drive

You won’t need a car in Florence, and in fact, you can’t even bring your vehicle into the historic city center, so having a car can actually be more of a headache than it’s worth. Plus, trying to get out of the madness of Rome in a car is every driver’s worst nightmare. When you add up the costs of the rental, gas, and tolls on Italy’s autostrada highways, driving isn’t very cost-effective either.

Despite the inconveniences, the journey from Rome to Florence is a beautiful one, passing through the rich countryside of Umbria and Tuscany. And even though you can enjoy the same scenery from the window of a train or bus, only a car gives you the flexibility to stop in the charming Italian villages you’ll pass along the way to enjoy a hearty lunch and a local Chianti wine. You can also take day trips from Florence if you have your own vehicle, such as to nearby Pisa with its famous leaning tower or Siena.

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