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Travel To Rome From Usa

Why Is Everyone In Italy Right Now

Flying to ITALY from USA // Travel Vlog 2021 // Italy 2021

I’ve moved this question to the top of the page. Since spring 2022, Rome and the rest of Italy are PACKED to the gills. It seems everyone is planning to come, or is already here this summer.

It’s been a bit disconcerting since we had 2 full years of a very quiet Rome.

Even when things sort of opened in mid-2021, Rome and Italy did not see huge tourist crowds at first.

I presume this was because of testing, Green Pass, masks, and other requirements. And maybe people just weren’t ready.

But since May 2022, many of the restrictions for Italy travel have dropped. And by June, nearly all of them had. Italy was fully open for business and it seems this is where many people want to come. Flights to Rome are fully booked, apparently even more so than to many other European cities.

Some are calling it “revenge travel” – revenge on Covid-19 perhaps.

Either way, the bottom line is that you will find Rome and the rest of Italy very very crowded.

And you will also find many things booked up so if you are going to Rome anytime in the near future, now is the time to plan ahead and book things in advance!

Can Americans Travel To Italy

Americans traveling to Italy face almost no restrictions at this point.

You do not need to show a negative test or proof of vaccination to enter the country or move around.

When you fly out of the USA, you will likely find that the experience is much as it was before Covid. When you land in Italy, there is nothing to show except your passport. And when you return home, as long as you are a USA citizen or legal resident, you do not need to show anything either.

What Happened To The Red Cross Covid Testing Center At Roma Termini Station

Recent travelers to Rome have communicated that the free Red Cross tent is closed and our team in Rome has confirmed this. One of the main reasons I originally listed this location was because it was a free testing station, and I want to save people money when I can. Now your best choice is to pre-book your Rome Covid Test on this site considering how important it is for travel at this time.

Cost: 20 30

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How Has The Coronavirus Impacted Italy

Italy was the first country in Europe affected by COVID-19 and was hit hard by the outbreak, requiring strict lock downs. Another large spike in cases occurred at the end of October 2020. A nationwide state of emergency continued through 2022.

Italys economy, which includes a large tourism sector, has faced its deepest recession in history. More than 200,000 tourism-related jobs were discontinued in Italy by the end of 2021 accounting for a massive shortage of workers in the country.

In May 2021, Italy formally opened its boarders to international travelers from select countries to revive tourism. In June, Italy eased its restrictions for international travelers, then tightened somewhat due to the Delta variant and Omicron variant.

Italys state of emergency ended on March 31, 2022.

Italy obtains its vaccines via an EU procurement program. On December 27, 2020, Italy vaccinated the first residents against COVID-19. Currently, three quarters of Italians are fully vaccinated.

For the current situation in Italy, including: total COVID-19 positive cases daily number of cases in Italy and COVID-19 recovery rates in Italy, please see the statistics here.

Go For The Package Deal

Best Places to Visit in Rome

Book a package deal that includes airfare and lodging. The major travel booking websites, such as and, often have vacation packages to Rome that offer travelers a discount by booking airfare and hotel together. Typically, choices for hotels are limited with these packages. For example, when you search for just a flight to Rome on, it displays on the right sidebar how much you can save by booking a package deal with a hotel. Before selecting one of these packages, be sure to check the price for just the flight separately to make sure you are getting the best deal.

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How To Dine And Explore

You may have competition finding a seat, room, ticket or beach chair this summer. Simone Amorico, CEO of the private tour operator Access Italy, estimates that his companys bookings are up about 40 percent from 2019.

He advised travelers to plan ahead by booking hotels and activities two months in advance. I mean, the sooner the better, but two months is a good bracket, he said.

Even so, Amorico said, during a visit to Romes Colosseum last week, he noticed shorter lines now that guests do not need to present a Green Pass.

Minchilli said the Italian capital is already packed. Its hard to drive through the streets, there are so many people wandering around, she said. But thats normal for May and June For those of us who lived the last two years in Rome, its sort of shocking because we got kind of used to it being empty. But now, things are starting to get back to normal, which is a good thing.

Her tours are fully booked through 2023, though she is adding more next year.

Annabella Cariello, general manager of Hotel Vilòn in Rome, also advised purchasing train and ferry tickets ahead of time and making reservations when going out to eat. She said the situation is much different from last fall or summer.

I think that we have indeed switched gears and are ready to bring back our Italian-ness and celebratory approach. The atmosphere is rather festive as the weather is getting better and we see summer just around the corner, she said in an email.

Can Us Citizens Travel To Italy Can I Travel To Italy Right Now

Italy is open to US citizens who are traveling for any reason, including tourism, under the following protocols.

As of , all travelers, including US citizens will no longer be required to show a vaccination, recovery, or test certificate upon their arrival. All travelers can enter Italy without quarantine.

As of May 1, a self-declaration form is no longer required.

The same entry rules apply to Americans transiting through, or departing from, countries other than the United States. See details here.

Many Italy travel restrictions have been lifted as of May 1 for activities inside the country. See regional restrictions here and regional zone classifications here.

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Travel From Us To Rome

So just to be clear. A negative Covid test is required 72 hours before entering Italy but a negative Covid test is required 48 hours before arrival at the Roma airport?

what does the italian embassy website say?

i haven’t heard of a specific airport requiring something different from what the rest of the country does

The requirement, if coming on a direct flight from the US or Canada, is 72 hours. If you transit through another Country, that could reduce that to 48 hours. This was mainly the case if transiting through the UK , but that requirement may have gone away with the last update a couple days ago.

Keep in mind though, you need results in hand when you check in, or at the latest when you board your trans-Atlantic flight.

Thank you and sorry to follow up one last time but the negative test result is within 72 hours before the time I am supposed arrive in the airport in Rome? And hopefully the flight is not delayed.

Yes, it is no earlier than 72 hours before arrival in Rome. A flight delay is not really a concern, unless it occurs before check-in. Once checked in and the test is accepted, if things are off a few hours, it would not be caught . There supposedly are allowances as well for the airlines to allow an extension, if valid delays justify it.

What’s Closed And What’s Open In Rome Right Now

Rome BEST Travel Guide 2021 | Rome Italy


  • Bars, restaurants and cafés are open, with no requirement to show proof of recovery, vaccination or negative test.
  • All shops are open as normal.
  • Cinemas, theaters, concert halls and live music venues are all open. A Green Pass is no longer necessary for entry, and you no longer need to wear a mask.
  • All sporting activity, including team sports, is allowed.
  • Hairdressers/beauty/nail salons and barbers are open, with no Green Pass or mask requirement – although some salons are asking their customers to continue wearing a mask.
  • Museums and cultural sites are open, without needing to wear a mask or prove your Covid status.
  • Gyms, spas, swimming pools and wellness centers are all open.

WHAT’S Closed since Covid-19 in Rome

While all businesses are allowed to be open again now, many individual businesses have had to close because of the impact of Coronavirus in Rome and Italy.

It’s best to check in advance if youre planning on visiting a particular shop, restaurant or hotel on a future visit to Italy therefore.

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What Happens If I Test Positive Prior To Boarding My Flight Home From Italy

Should you test positive prior to departure you will not be able to join your flight. You will need to contact the regional health authority where you are are immediately. They will arrange a further test and determine next steps which will likely mean isolating for at least 10 days and potentially up to 21 days at your own expense at a private property or government quarantine hotel.

You must be symptom free for 3 days before you able to take a test to show that you are negative and can be released from isolation.For this reason travel insurance that covers this scenario is strongly recommended.

S To Take To Reorganize Or Cancel Your Trip

  • Review all your bookings and understand the terms and conditions under which you booked
  • Contact the providers to understand their position on refunds and / or rebooking
  • Decide what you want to do with respect to rebooking. You may be offered dates in a different time of year than you originally planned to travel. If you want to know what it is like in Italy at different times throughout the year check this article
  • Contact your insurance provider to understand if you can recover any funds owing for services you do not wish to rebook
  • You may choose to pursue fund recovery with your credit card for services you are not happy with the recourse offered
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    Where Can I Get A Covid Test In Italy

    Many pharmacies offer rapid antigen tests valid for the Italy green pass.

    Many of the major private laboratory chains in large Italian cities offer a variety of Covid tests valid for the green pass.

    The Italian Red Cross is offering free antigen tests in many of the major Italian train stations, including Termini station in Rome, Santa Maria Novella station in Florence, and Milano Centrale station in Milan.

    Covid tests are available at Romes Fiumicino airport at Terminal 3 Arrivals from midnight to 4 pm each day for arriving and departing passengers at a cost of 20 for rapid antigen tests and 69.88 for molecular tests . Travelers can pre-register for a Covid test at Fiumicino airport online.

    In Rome, you can book a Covid test online that is valid for the green pass at the following private laboratories at a cost of 22 max for an antigen test and 60 max for a molecular test:

    For Any Vacation Type In Rome:

    Pin by M

    The Marcella Royal Hotel is perfect for singles, couples, or families. This Neo-Renaissance building is eight minutes from the metro and 15 minutes from the Via Vittorio Veneto. There is a shuttle service to and from Rome Fiumicino International Airport.

    The Palazzo Martini is ideally located just one minute from the famous Baths of Diocletian. It’s perfect for those who want upscale Rome vacation deals and easy access to the city’s top attractions. Take a taxi or board the airport shuttle.

    You might consider the Hotel Mondial if you’re browsing inexpensive Rome travel deals for your family vacation. Hop on the shuttle bus or take a train from the airport the hotel is just a six-minute walk from Termini station.

    Try the Hotel Ripa Roma, a chic design hotel on a bustling street 1.9 miles from the Colosseum and 2.4 miles from St. Peter’s Basilica. Take the Leonardo Express to nearby Termini Station. The train departs from Rome Fiumicino at 30-minute intervals.

    Couples will adore the Palazzo Manfredi. A Relais & Chateaux hotel, it combines the opulence of a 17th century Italian Villa with chic, modern rooms and outstanding service. Take the complimentary shuttle from Rome International Airport.

    Villa Clementina is perfect for couples who want Rome vacation packages that really meet their needs. Facilities at this sleek villa include a mineral water pool, a tennis court, a spa, a bar, and a 2-hectare garden. It’s also easy to reach by taxi from the airport.

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    Why Should You Book A Vacation Package To Rome

    There is nowhere quite like Rome. The Italian capital is filled with historic wonders like St. Peter’s Basilica and the Trevi Fountain and it’s known for its fabulous restaurants and nightclubs. Sip a coffee with the locals in your favorite piazza, visit the Palalottomatica sports arena, or take in the view from the Spanish Steps. There’s so much more to Rome than meets the eye.

    Rome vacation packages make planning and booking much easier. Not only will you save with access to the most attractive rates, you’ll be able to effortlessly match flight times to available hotels. Instead of spending time booking Rome flight and hotels separately, you can complete the process in one step.

    Health And Safety In Rome

    Rome has no inherent health hazards, beyond the bloating that comes from wildly excessive food intake. But we have a few tips that will keep you feeling tip-top.

    Stay hydrated. It gets hot in summer, especially out in the open air of places like the Forum. Carry a water bottle, drink copious amounts and keep it filled at the many public drinking-water fountains.

    Ancient cobblestones, long staircases and hours spent wandering are just some of the features that will tire you out. Wear shoes with excellent support and cushioning.

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    Is It Safe To Visit Rome Right Now

    Can you travel to Rome and feel safe?

    Aside from your own governmentâs advice, the decision will be based on your personal feelings about being safe visiting Italy right now.

    The active cases have decreased significantly – you can follow the data here. Vaccinations are still being administered but a huge proportion of the population is already fully vaccinated and have received their booster doses. You can follow Italy’s vaccination progress here.

    For more information about how safe a city Rome is to visit in general, and how to stay safe in Rome, visit my page about this here.

    what’s open and what’s closed in Rome?

    All types of businesses and sites are permitted to be open now, with no restrictions on who can enter or to show proof of Covid-status.

    So, you can visit restaurants, bars, cafes and gelato shops, all types of shops, entertainment venues, gyms, sports centers and beauty salons as and when you want.

    All museums and archeological sites are open as normal as well, including the Vatican Museums, Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, Galleria Borghese, Ostia Antica, Domus Aurea and the Castel Sant’Angelo.

    While all businesses are allowed to be open again now, many individual businesses have had to close because of the impact of Coronavirus in Rome and Italy. It’s best to check in advance if youâre planning on visiting a particular shop, restaurant or hotel on a future visit to Italy therefore.

    Am I Entitled To A Refund On My Flights / Hotels And Accommodation / Tours

    How to Travel to Italy: My Airport Experience June 2021- Dana Berez

    This depends on the terms and conditions that you booked under and the consumer laws of your country and / or the country where the business is based. While many businesses are trying to refund customers who purchased non-refundable services, others are unable to or have chosen to offer vouchers for future use instead.

    The Italian government issued this decree allowing travel companies to offer vouchers for future use instead of refunds. Many companies are applying this ruling to their businesses including the Colosseum and Vatican Museums.

    If you are not happy with the compensation offered by the service provider you can file a dispute with your credit card company if you used one to book your travel.

    • covid19 center

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    Covid Test At Rome Fiumicino Airport

    No Appointment Needed | Last-Minute Option | Convenient Location

    If you want to wait until the last minute, the airport does have a testing center. I described the step-by-step process in my How to Get a COVID test in Italy article.

    It is nice to have a last-minute option, but you must plan extra time at the airport. Im not too fond of unnecessary stress on a travel day, so I view the airport as a last resort option. The good thing is that just like the train station and pharmacy, you can receive your results within minutes. You will need to present your negative Covid-19 test results upon checking in and boarding.

    Another drawback to getting a Covid-19 test at the airport is that it will be too late to upload results to your airlines app or use Verifly if you fly British Airways or American Airlines. It also means you will have to fill out the paper version of the health declaration form required to enter the United States.

    Cost: 22Location

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